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Whether you live at the beach or you have a short commute to work or school, the beach cruiser, cruiser bikes are an excellent choice for convenience and comfort. These bikes are not built for speed but rather leisure and comfort. Below are some tips to choosing a cruiser bike that fits your lifestyle.

Beach Cruiser Buying Tips

Choosing between a single speed or multi speed – This will depend on the terrain of the beach or roads you will be riding. The single speed cruiser bike is best suited for smooth to slightly rough terrain and for those that want to go for long leisurely rides on sand.

The braking system of the single speed cruiser bikes is such that it facilitates good control over small speeds because this bike is a simple machine that is not suited for speed. Due to this factor, they come without gears and therefore suited for those that want to enjoy their rides without the worry of shifting gears and having sand getting inside the gears. The simplicity is such that you get on the bike and start cruising.

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A multiple speed cruiser bike on the other hand is the complete opposite of the single speed. It is perfectly suited for the rough, difficult terrain and at the same time long rides. This made possible due to the modification of the gear system which allows it to accommodate the various levels of difficulties.

These types of cruiser bikes have between three to seven gears. The mechanism behind that is the fewer the number of gears the lower the flexibility the bike will have in respect to speed resistance and control. If say a cruiser bike has three gears then it means that it only has three levels of speed as opposed to the seven gear one which will have seven levels of speed therefore making it more convenient for people.

In as situation where you are going up a terrain that is steep, there is no need to worry as you can shift to a lower gear to increase your speed. The same scenario will apply when on a level terrain and you want a greater speed. You will only need to shift to the seventh gear to enjoy high speeds similar to a car which shifts to the fifth gear when in high speed. The models that are in stock have made it convenient to shift gears by simply twisting your hand due to the hand grip shifters.

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The cruiser bikes are made of either steel or aluminum. If you stay at a place where the bike is exposed to salt spray the aluminum bike is recommended as it is resistant to rust. Steel bikes on the other hand have more weight and therefore better handling while in high speeds.

After looking at the above tips then the final decision of choosing which beach cruiser bikes you will by will lay with you. Choose the cruiser bike that you think will bet suit you. You can see different types of cruiser bikes here.

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