Driving Anxiety

How To Overcome Fear Of Driving

how to overcome fear of driving
Driving Anxiety

Some people are terrified of spiders, yet have no fear of cars. This seems illogical since cars are potentially more dangerous than spiders, and yet it seems spiders are feared a great deal more.

Millions of people still feel anxious when they are driving, but on different levels. For example, some people have a fear of riding in a car while others only have fear while they are driving as a means to keep them safe and out of harm’s way.

Furthermore, some people have attacks while they are in the car, but do not necessarily fear the car itself. All of these are considered different types of car anxiety and require various methods to treat them properly.

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Ways of Overcoming Fear of Driving

Conquering your fear of driving is a process. Driving in general is something that should cause a minimal amount of anxiety in order to keep you safe on the road. But reducing an excessive amount of needless fear is a bit more challenging. Here are a few suggestions to help you understand.

– Face Your Fears
This may be harder for some than others. It may not be possible if your fear is so high you can’t even go near the car let alone get in it.

For those people who can summon enough courage to get behind the wheel, don’t stop driving. Keep driving even if it causes a lot of anxiety. The people who avoid driving due to their phobias are simply validating their fears. You will never overcome your fears if you will not face them.

– Drive in Traffic-Free Areas
Driving in a stress-free zone will encourage you to regain your confidence. Drive long enough so how to overcome fear of drivingyou become bored and tired. Use a large, empty parking lot and continue to drive until you feel comfortable again behind the wheel.
The longer you drive, the easier it will become; especially if the area is free of potential hazards. Keep practicing; eventually it will help you to eliminate your anxiety.

– Be a Safe Driver to Avoid any Further Anxiety
Make sure you are not your own worst enemy and creating self-inflicted anxiety levels with poor driving habits. Drive the speed limit, check your blind spots, and always use your turn signal.

An increase in anxiety frequently stems from creating more anxiety. Don’t contribute to this by not following the rules of the road.

– Practice Mindfulness
It’s important to be aware of the warning signs of potential stress and tension arising. If you are aware, or mindful, you’ll have a better chance of talking yourself out of them.
If your mind starts to drift off and think negative thoughts or you notice you are gripping the wheel too tight, learn to center yourself and control your emotions to see a huge improvement in your overall stress.

Mindfulness refers to being aware enough in order to address each instance of stress one by one and paying attention to how you feel.

Learning to effectively deal with your stress and overcoming fear of driving is necessary to be safe on the road. If you need to, go ahead and explore conventional anti-anxiety strategies for treating common anxiety along with panic attacks and phobias.

Although some of the specific treatments may not pertain directly to the fear of driving, they do address several of the symptoms and thought patterns relative to driving anxiety.

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