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Roles and Responsibilities of a Scrum Master

A Scrum Master doesn’t have a wide range of tasks but in terms of influence, he/she holds an important position in the organization. A Scrum Master has no involvement in product ideation or strategy, instead, they act as a bridge between product owners and development teams as a test manager. Their job: getting the job done. They’re required to leverage all the resources at their disposal to implement the strategy. Their biggest challenge is to get the people to deliver what’s expected from them and collaborate effectively and efficiently. For that, they need to have exceptional management skills and a high-level view to see all the moving parts of a software project. They also need to make sure that the culture of accountability prevails and the deadlines are met.

Responsibilities of a Scrum Master

Implement Best Project Management Practices

The Scrum Master needs to own the teams and is therefore responsible for creating and onboarding those related to the project and integrating them into the organization and providing a clear vision of the product. The Scrum Master also needs to ensure effective communication and exchange of information between the project team and external groups. They are also required to monitor project progress, provide timely feedback, and encourage the culture of learning.

Keep All Parties on Track and Informed

To keep all parties on track, Scrum Masters need to ensure that they have all the information. The second most important thing is communication. They need to regularly host team meetings to get updates on the progress, address potential problems, and ensure that the project is running as it should. On the other hand, the product stakeholders should also be taken into confidence and informed about how the project is progressing. Scrum Masters need to facilitate and push (if needed) their team to meet deadlines with the desired outcome.

Introduce Agile Engineering Practices

Remember that the Scrum Master is the enforcer, not in a negative way but more like someone who has to implement orders most efficiently. That’s why most of them encourage continuous integration (CI) and automation. With CI and test management tools, developers frequently integrate chunks of code into a central repository, from which automated tests run in successive iterations. This approach reduces the time, effort, and risk associated with traditional development methods. For instance, a bug can be quickly fixed in the next build if it appears in one. Another favorite technique of Scrum Masters is “pair programming”. It’s a collaborative process in which two developers work at the same workstation in real-time. Overall, these practices reduce development time and improve product quality.


Scrum Masters have a tremendous responsibility for using their authority and influence to manage the teams and implement Agile methods to increase their efficiency and productivity and improve the quality of the delivered products. This requires them to leverage capable test management tools that not only provide them a high-level view of everything but also serve as a collaborative platform to facilitate communication between stakeholders.