Day: December 21, 2019

The Latest Technology in Hair Graft in Medical Industry

The Latest Technology in Hair Graft in Medical Industry

In this article, we will tell you the most effective treatment against baldness, the most innovative technology in this area, with which to achieve the best result. After reading the article, you will conclude that hair grafts are the best solution against baldness. At present, it is a painless treatment and at a much cheaper price than you think. Recovering your hair is possible thanks to the advances offered by hair grafts!

We specialize in hair graft treatments. We have been in India for more than 20 years, and we have the best centers and specialists in the healthcare field. We have a service with the best quality, performed by professionals of great prestige, so we proudly show the result of thousands of hair grafts performed on patients around the world.

Hair grafts are simple interventions, but whose execution requires skill and experience. Recovering the hair, regardless of the reason we have lost it, has no major complications if you put yourself in the hands of expert surgeons, in operating rooms with the latest technology.

Hair grafts with the FUE technique

For the realization of a hair graft, the surgeon will extract from the most populated area of ​​our scalp, those follicles necessary to ensure perfect coverage of the area that is most affected by our baldness.

The hair graft is an autotransplant: the relocation of our own hair extracted from the most populated area, which will be grafted into the area with baldness. It is essential that the extraction is carried out in such a way that it is invisible after the treatment, and that it does not expose any scar.

The techniques for hair grafts have evolved in recent years and the way to extract the follicles has stopped being so invasive and requires much less recovery time. Nowadays, the most avant-garde and innovative method is the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction), which allows us to remove the follicles, one by one, without leaving any type of scar, and which, in addition, allows rapid recovery. This technique achieves impeccable results, recovering a strong and populated scalp.

Hair graft results throughout the first year

The results of a hair graft will be observed and strengthened during the first year after the intervention. Although they begin to be seen from the third month, it will not be until 12 months after the intervention, when we can really see the results. Therefore, we recommend some patients after having a hair graft.

You will see how in the days after surgery, many patients will notice a slight swelling in the transplant area. This is observed from the fourth day and then disappears completely from the sixth day after the operation. Some small blood clots may be observed near the incision areas, but they will dissolve from the fifth day.

In the third week after the hair graft, the patient will notice the loss of the transplanted hair, but you should not be scared, as it is normal.

Two months after the hair graft, the hair will start to come out and its appearance will improve greatly. And between three or four months of the hair graft, it is when the patient notices how the first new hairs are born. If you undergo an air transplant in Ludhiana then hair transplant cost in punjab would not bother you. These are going to be very thin at the beginning, but over time, they will increase in thickness. In addition, it is common that there is some acne in the area that has received the graft, and it is a sign of new hair growth.