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Checklist: To Improve Usability Testing Of Your Apps

No doubt user testing requires different skills. Before even beginning the testing process, organizations need to identify and recruit various samples of user tests that accurately represent an audience or market. It is important to establish tasks that require testing. Thus, testers require documentation and recording equipment, in order to run the process smoothly and achieve accurate results. A usability testing company works effortlessly to make the most of their testing and improve software apps quality.

Design Usability Testing Scripts to Address Research Questions

When preparing to begin a new usability test, never assume (as testers) to choose the main areas of a website and ask users to complete those tasks. Chances are high that you may point out some useful insights using this approach but do not be surprised if the project stakeholders have multiple questions to ask regarding these insights. It is important to talk to the people and ask them what key questions they require the research to work for them. If there are a lot of questions, make sure you prioritize them and then find a way to answer them. If the questions are too vague, make sure that you gain clarity. Testers working with a usability testing company will be able to equip themselves better by finding the answers to these questions.

Allow Participants/Users to Behave Naturally

When users/participants are asked to test, they are not sure what to expect from the application. Since they are conscious about being observed, they may even be looking for some guidance in the beginning. Make sure that you are not too controlling at the start of the test, or they will not be sharing their honest feedback.

Let Users Complete Tasks On Their Own

It is important to allow the users to test scripts at their own pace. If you try to control them, you may lose your link with the participants. To get active participation and results it is important to give them their space and complete using the app on their own. This allows testers and QA teams to get real insights into their app’s features and its performance.

Do Not Block Their Thought Process

It is highly recommended that you do ot interrupt their flow. The more testers interrupt, the more likely that they will have the confidence to complete tasks without assistance. If testers keep asking frequent questions, they may lose their interest and record biased responses.

Tailor The Tasks To The Participant

Testers should set the overall tasks they want users to complete but they should try to be generic and then tailor scenarios for the participants. This is not always possible, but testers can also spend some time in the beginning of the project to learn more about who the participants are and their current experience is with the certain application.

The above checklist can help testers at a usability testing company, to improve software application quality and make it a success in the market.

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