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Applications for Video and Movie Downloading on Android

There are myriad of options that you can find in the realm of videos and movies these days. You can always keep yourself entertained. It is all about what you want and how you want it. You can always get the content in the best way and without any hassle if you have the resources. After all, who knows you get everything readily if you have the right platforms with you?

If you love to watch variety of content, do different things and so on; you can do it all. Movies and videos these are easily available in the present time. You can get them all for free if you have the right content. In this post you would get to know about a few of the many applications that are wonderful, effective and absolutely useful. Keep on reading to find out about the apps:


You can get Vidmate online and this app would promise you all the content. You can easily grab the videos and movies that you desire for. You can easily get the videos that are useful, effective, fun filled and enjoyable. Moreover, you would also get the movies and videos in the formats of your choice like MP4, 3GP, FLV, AVI and so on. Also, you can pick any type of resolution that you desire for. The app has been a favourite of the users and you can find the best experience using it.

AVD Download Video 

This application is a wonderful way to get all the videos you like to watch and download. The app has a proper browser that can automatically make out if there is any streaming media on your android device and cater the option to download the same on smart device you are making use of.  The point is the bother of choosing the link and copying it and then pasting it for the procedure of downloading gets really eliminated.  When you make use of this app it is automatically going to give you the option to download and you can click on it in case you want or you can even overlook it if you don’t want to download then.  This way you get everything to choose from.

Video Downloader

The application permits you to download all kinds of video media and that too in the absence of any effort. You just have to paste the URL link of the video that you are trying to download and hence the app is going to download it for you. This app is going to get you a comfortable experience. It does not really matter which kind of video or movie you want to download, once you have pasted the URL of the same in the video downloader app, the downloading would start right away. In this way you would get the content without any problem. The app is free of cost and you might not find any problem in using it.


So, the point is you have to be really careful and tactful.  You can easily get the best experience once you have the right apps installed in your device just you need to install it from 9Apps.

5 Notable Features in Vidmate You Might have Missed

Vidmate is a powerful video downloading app that paves way to download a host of videos from social networking sites. The features that make Vidmate online stand apart from the others is stability, quality and design.

This is a popular video downloading app that you can use for your Android device. The downloaded videos can be viewed in your in built player at different resolutions as you can convert them to MP 3 format. This app is going to provide you with downloading of various resolutions. Even video downloading of HD resolution along with a faster downloading speed is provided. By working in the background it allows you to undertake various operations. Even if by stopping the downloading process you can go on to download a host of videos as you can continue even when left off. Let us now flip through some of the notable features of Vidmate:

Free downloads of unlimited stature

Be it downloading any video or audio from this app is free of cost. It is possible to download unlimited files from Vidmate. You might be aware that the world of YouTube is large as each and every video can be downloaded from this app. This app not only supports video downloading from 1000 odd sites along with social media platforms. The best part is it is a legal process.

Live TV shows

If you happen to be an avid Indian serial lover then you can watch various live shows of Indian serials. It is not only Indian serials but even international serials can be watched on this app.

Storage location personalized

You can set the location where the downloaded files can be saved on to the settings aspect of your app. In this way you can save the videos on your memory card and not the device. When installing new updates the app goes on to provide you with notifications.

Adjustable resolutions

The moment you are planning to download a video from the internet resolution has an important role to play. If you have a low end device then a video resolution of 360 p would be ok as this is going to save your data. But if you are planning to watch the video in HD resolution or even on your LED laptop then you might end up spending more on the data front. Once again the resolution along with length of the video has a role to play.

Downloading Vidmate

In due course of time, there have been varied versions of Vidmate. Each version goes on to provide something unique to the customers in terms of experience. Even each version is a preceding version of the previous one. The app has gone on to become better and functions in an optimum manner. Vidmate 2019 is the latest version of this app and goes on to outscore the other versions. Even the same level of efficiency and access to a host of videos is provided.  This app is incorporated with a lot of new features that makes the task of video downloading an easy one.