About Winter Fabrics: How Has It Affected The Textile Industry

Winter Fabrics

About Winter Fabrics: How Has It Affected The Textile Industry

Winter generally arrives in December in the Indian Subcontinent. It stays the whole month of December, January, and February, till spring starts to set in during March. It is why winter clothes play a huge role. In other places, it is cold almost everywhere. Thus, clothes protect us from winter and play a big part in everyone’s lives.

Winter Fabrics

In winter, these fabrics are worn. The different kinds of wool are:

  • Wool

Wool refers to the full fleece on the outside skin of sheep whereas hair is typically divided into two types: the topcoat (also referred to as ‘guard hair’) and the undercoat. The guard hair is on the outside of the animal and typically used for rain protection; it’s thicker and coarser than the undercoat whose fine hair keeps the animal warm. Different types of wool are used all over the world.It is one of the most common types of fabric used during winter. It is cheap and one of the most reliable materials that help in making clothes.

  1. Cashmere
  2. Alpaca
  3. Angora
  4. Mohair
  5. Knitted Wool
  6. Cable Knit
  7. Lambswool
  8. Merino
  • Manufactured wools:

Flannel (cotton or wool) Cashmere, Gabardine, Chenille, Felt, Plaids, Tweed, and Mohair. These are fabrics, which have currently gained popularity in the industry. These are artificial fabrics because it is manufactured rather than extracted. People preferred it more because it was comparatively cheaper. From this fabric, winter scarves wholesale manufacture, gloves, socks are produced.

  • Wool blends

Wool blends are nothing but a blending of two different types of wool to form another kind. It has a different texture and is experimenting with various materials to get new products.

  • Corduroy
  • Fleece (sheep and lambswool)

Fleece is sheep and lambswool. It is extracted from the sheep and lamb and manufactured to get another type of wool.

  • Polar Fleece (acrylic)
  • Knits
  • Fake Fur
  • Fur
  • Velvet, Velour, and Velveteen
  • Silk and silk blends
  • Leather
  • Suede
  • Sheepskin
  • Shearling


Winter clothing includes different types of winter clothes. It has woolen thermal wear, winter clothes, coats, blazers, turtle’s necks, and many more. This kind of clothing is popular during winter because it looks stylish and also protects from the cold. A new concept, the concept of winter vests or thin sweaters, emerged.

Compressed wear is layers of winter fabric, compressed to make the clothes slim and stylish. The wholesale manufacture of winter clothes has also started in many places. To increase sales, people are selling expensive winter clothes at low prices. Many consumers are buying it from the wholesale market, which lowers the MRP.

Winter clothes had become more comfortable, stylish, and reliable than before. It has more varieties, different kinds of fabric, from which people can choose. However, the extraction of fabrics from animals in many places is not accepted. Some materials like fur and leather include the killing of animals. It is not acceptable in many areas.

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