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    5 Notable Features in Vidmate You Might have Missed

    Vidmate is a powerful video downloading app that paves way to download a host of videos from social networking sites. The features that make Vidmate online stand apart from the others is stability, quality and design.

    This is a popular video downloading app that you can use for your Android device. The downloaded videos can be viewed in your in built player at different resolutions as you can convert them to MP 3 format. This app is going to provide you with downloading of various resolutions. Even video downloading of HD resolution along with a faster downloading speed is provided. By working in the background it allows you to undertake various operations. Even if by stopping the downloading process you can go on to download a host of videos as you can continue even when left off. Let us now flip through some of the notable features of Vidmate:

    Free downloads of unlimited stature

    Be it downloading any video or audio from this app is free of cost. It is possible to download unlimited files from Vidmate. You might be aware that the world of YouTube is large as each and every video can be downloaded from this app. This app not only supports video downloading from 1000 odd sites along with social media platforms. The best part is it is a legal process.

    Live TV shows

    If you happen to be an avid Indian serial lover then you can watch various live shows of Indian serials. It is not only Indian serials but even international serials can be watched on this app.

    Storage location personalized

    You can set the location where the downloaded files can be saved on to the settings aspect of your app. In this way you can save the videos on your memory card and not the device. When installing new updates the app goes on to provide you with notifications.

    Adjustable resolutions

    The moment you are planning to download a video from the internet resolution has an important role to play. If you have a low end device then a video resolution of 360 p would be ok as this is going to save your data. But if you are planning to watch the video in HD resolution or even on your LED laptop then you might end up spending more on the data front. Once again the resolution along with length of the video has a role to play.

    Downloading Vidmate

    In due course of time, there have been varied versions of Vidmate. Each version goes on to provide something unique to the customers in terms of experience. Even each version is a preceding version of the previous one. The app has gone on to become better and functions in an optimum manner. Vidmate 2019 is the latest version of this app and goes on to outscore the other versions. Even the same level of efficiency and access to a host of videos is provided.  This app is incorporated with a lot of new features that makes the task of video downloading an easy one.

    Graphics Cards

    Best Graphics Cards You can Buy in India

    Computers play a very important role in our lives. They give accurate results with increased productivity. A desktop/laptop is a combination of software and hardware elements. 

    One of the vital hardware components of a computer system is a graphics card. A graphics card is a piece of computer hardware that produces an image on the monitor. A better graphics card can produce a better and smoother image. 

    There are two types of Graphics Cards – Integrated and Discrete. Integrated Graphics Cards are pre-installed in laptops and desktops. 

    While Discrete Graphics Cards are being installed on the motherboard as an extra component, you can upgrade a Discrete Graphics Card. But an Integrated Graphics Card is difficult to upgrade.

    There are mainly two brands whose Graphics Cards are available in India. They are AMD and Nvidia. Most of the laptops under 25000 are in the market comes with this graphic card. The range get above on the basis of memory of GPU Read on to know about some of the best Graphics Cards you can buy in India!

    • AMD Radeon RX 570 4GB

    It is an excellent graphics card for 1080p gaming. It is the right choice for gamers who want good performance at an affordable price. Most of the desktops are capable of running this card without any difficulty. You can consider buying this card if you have an integrated graphics card or you want to upgrade your old card. 

    • Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 Super

    This is one of the best graphics cards for 1440p and 144 Hz FHD performance. It can handle games at close to high to ultra-quality. This graphics card gives you the benefits of DLSS up scaling and RTX ray tracing features. It is a combination of varied features, reasonable price and balanced performance. 

    • Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070 Super

    It is a good card at a reasonable price for 4K or high-refresh-rate gaming. It gives you extra headroom to push the quality. It can handle 4K at high or medium settings.

    • GeForce GTX 1660 Super 6GB

    This is a great card for mainstream gaming. It uses Turing architecture and delivers good performance. It does not deliver the ray-tracing effects, but it is worthy of its price. It has a memory speed of 14 GBPS and a boost clock of 1785 MHz.

    • Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Ti

    This is the latest graphics card available in India. It has ray tracing and deep learning techniques. Although it is highly-priced, yet is probably the fastest card available in the market. It possesses Turing GPU architecture and ultra-fast GDDR6 memory.

    • AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT

    The efficient new RDNA architecture is an important feature of this card. It has a memory capacious of 8GB of GDDR6. You can consider buying this card if you want high frame rates at a high refresh rate display. It does not have ray tracing hardware or driver support. 

    • GeForce GTX 1060

    This graphics card offers power efficiency and excellent performance. You can experience the revolutionary 360-degree image capture wit this card. It has got innovative cooling technology to eliminate heat. Silencing technology helps control noise. 

    You can buy the best laptop under Rs.25,000 and increase its productivity with a graphics card. Graphics cards are useful for applications like Adobe Photoshop to edit videos and photos. Here is a quick laptop buying guide for you to buy a laptop as per your specifications and choice:

    Factors to consider while buying a laptop

    • Choose the display panel – IPS or TN (Twisted Nematic)
    • Select a display size as per your usage
    • Check the quality of the keyboard/ touchpad
    • Pick a well-performing processor and Graphics card
    • Go for a powerful CPU
    • Choose among HD resolution or 4K displays as per your budget
    • RAM and storage space
    • Battery life and connectivity options
    • Brand and warranty
    • Buy a discrete graphics card (for gaming and high-resolution video editing)

    A discrete graphics card helps to keep your computer up to date. Now that you know about the best graphics cards available in India and the factors you should consider while buying a laptop, you can make a better decision. You can buy the best laptop under Rs.25,000 with the help of the above-mentioned laptop buying guide.

    tubemate app

    Why Tubemate Is Considered Best Youtube Downloader?

    Are you seeking for most excellent YouTube downloader? If so then Tubemate is the accurate choice. It is one of the greatest and successful apps to grasp videos from YouTube straight onto your appliance. By downloading and installing this app, you can acquire your favorite videos and watch it later whenever you need it without an internet connection. Using Tubemate is so simple and easy. You no need any special knowledge or skill to function this app on your device. Moreover, this app enables you to choose quality and format based on your needs. It supports numerous formats including Mp3, AVI, MP4, FOV, etc. At present, there are numerous YouTube video downloader tools accessible but Tubemate is the greatest app to acquire contents from online directly onto your widget.

    Why need a Tubemate app?

    Downloading YouTube videos via tubemate app is so straightforward and unproblematic. It is currently accessible free of cost so the user no need to payout single money. It is an unsurpassed video downloader when compared to other tools. By download Tubemate you can effortlessly get your preferred content from YouTube or any other apps.

    YouTube is one of the most admired and superlative options when it comes to observation videos. It is the video-sharing site where the users can watch, comment, like, share, and uploads their own videos. In past days people find it complex to find YouTube videos on their apparatus. But now it is so straightforward and effortless. By utilizing Tubemate you can attain your desired YouTube content files and watch it later. Therefore those need to get hold of YouTube records the Tubemate is the final alternative.

    What are the unique features of Tubemate?

    Tubemate is one of the finest machine applications which facilitate you to get online videos. In addition to that, you can access amusement files from any online site for free. It is the most preferred app to obtain videos. It is a popular and trendy YouTube video downloader. It enables you to acquire high-quality files from online sites. It is compatible with all the newest and advanced devices. It gives you the authority to stream as well as grab unrestrained videos on your device. Here are some unique features of Tubemate:

    • Fast download mode

    One of the main features of the tubemate app is fast download mode. It provides 200 percent download speed when compared to other apps. So you can watch as well as get your desired content at a high speed. Once you downloaded your favorite content you can watch it later without an internet connection. Even you can get multiple files to download at the same time.

    • Easy to pause and play

    When you utilize this app, you will get an opportunity to pause or play to downloading videos anytime from anywhere. You can convert video into an audio file. This feature is only accessible in the Tubemate app.

    • Unlimited download

    By downloading this app, you can get unlimited video downloads at the same time without any hassle. It has huge collections to contents to stream and saves on your device.

    Cool Instagram Names for Boys and Girls: Funny Ideas and Generator

    Are you looking for a cool or funny Instagram name for boys and girls to create a new account with? In this case, you may find the appropriate information and suggestions on this page to look for ideas for finding a name and maybe create your Instagram name using one of the numerous generators. Over the past few years, a number of online services have prevailed, and by this we mean not only the well-known names such as WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter, but above all Instagram.Nothing special from the basic principle but due to the huge user base and the millions or even billions of photos a very interesting platform with great features. After you have created an account, you can take photos and, in the meantime, even short videos directly on your smartphone and the associated apps and upload them to a profile. The pictures can then be provided with hashtags so that they can also be found and at the same time other people and friends can subscribe and follow this account. Of course, the pictures can also be commented on, so that one could speak of a small social network with a focus on pictures.

    Find the right name for Instagram

    Ideas for Instagram Names: The Best Tips

    Ideas for Instagram Names: The Best Tips

    If you absolutely want to set up your own name as Instagram name, for example, so that a visitor or subscriber can see the right name directly or you can be found better by friends, then you usually have the problem that this is already taken. If you don’t want to choose a fancy name, there are also other ways to register without being shown that the name is taken. In most cases small modifications are sufficient, which one knows maybe from one or the other platform. So it is often enough to simply put a dot, underscore or single line between the first name and last name. Alternatively, you can, for example, add the year of his birth to the back or front of the name, which increases the chance a lot,

    Many names are already occupied

    Anyone who has tried to log on to Instagram under a fairly generic and simple name will surely have received the error message that the name is already taken. As with any large online service with millions of members, it is sometimes not so easy to find the right name and you are sometimes quite amazed which names have already been assigned. It can be quite frustrating at times, even if you still can not log in even after many attempts and changes of the Instagram. Of course there are options to shout an underscore or other letters in front of the names or simply add a few numbers, but more and more users are looking for fantasy names.

    After we summarized some tips for getting Instagram followers in the linked article a while ago, this page is about the question of how to find a cool Instagram name and that for boys and girls

    Ideas for cool Instagram names

    Now we come to the important part of this page and these are suggestions and ideas for cool Instagram names. Because when you register and have to choose a name, you can’t think of a really funny nickname at the time, as always. If you want it to be a simple fiascan name, then you can use one of the many name generators. One generator that we particularly liked was the website, On this website you can easily have an Instagram name created and this is not done randomly, but you have the option to enter certain properties that are then included in the creation. For example, you can include a name, preferences, hobbies, important words and numbers. The more information you provide, the more unique and unusual the name becomes and with a high degree of probability it has not yet been documented.

    Do you have more great tips and ideas to find a cool Instagram name? If yes, then feel free to contact us via the comment section of this page.