How Encryption Saves You from Modern Data Problems?

How Encryption Saves You from Modern Data Problems?

Cyber threats are not limited to phishing any more. With the advancements in the world of tech, cybercrime has not only increased but has become smarter than before too. Now, you can see different types of cyberattacks planned and designed every day. At times, organizations like software testing companies and mobile application testing companies are not even prepared for these attacks. It would not be wrong to say that cybercriminals and software testers are in a constant race of saving and stealing the data of individuals and companies.

Where we are seeing these testing companies devise new ways to save you and your data, would it shock you to know some old ways still work great too? We are not joking about it as some old ways of cyberattacking like phishing and hacking by hit and trial are still in use, some old techniques of saving your data can still work too. One such technique is called encryption. We know we already have your interest and you would like to know more about it so we have everything compiled below for you:

What is Encryption?

Encryption is one of the oldest ways used by different organizations to protect their data from the attackers. What makes it different and interesting from other security techniques is its feature to plan for the time when your data gets stolen. By that we meant, it ensures if attackers get their hand on the data, they would not be able to make sense out of it. How? Well, it is a combination of a key and a technique that helps you jumble up the data in a way that would only be understandable if the same process is done in the reverse direction.

How Does Encryption Solve Modern Cyber Problems?

The whole process of encryption sounds no less than magic. Does it? But how these years old techniques still come handy when dealing with modern-day cyber problems? That is something every mobile application testing company and software testing company used to wonder about too until they saw its potential. Here are some of the miracle’s encryption has been doing in the field of software and mobile applications:

Privacy Ensured

With the easy availability of information present on the internet, a lot of consumers are already aware of concepts like privacy. That is why a lot of mobile application development companies have to think about giving their users the privacy they demand. Encryptions help keep the user’s conversation on different platforms totally safe. A lot of applications like WhatsApp and others have already started encrypting the data of the users so they do not worry about their data getting stolen or misused.

Secured Data

A lot of companies have data from different users from all over the world along with their own data. This makes the protection of databases extremely necessary and much-needed. A special type of encryption called symmetric encryption, which uses a key to encrypt data. This key is a good combination of a password and some other entities that vary from company to company. Also, the key is shared with just the relevant people to add to the security and safety of the organization.

Regulations for Encryption

Encryption has become a thread of some industries like medical industries and others. These industries do use some new technologies to keep up the security of their organization as well but love to have encryption as one of their core methods of cybersecurity as well. Health regulation like HIPAA requires all of the healthcare departments and industries to apply encryption to every bit of data present in their database. Moreover, the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act also requires higher educational institutes to apply encryption to student data as well.

Finance Industry

The finance industry loves to apply encryption to almost everything related to them let it be details of the customers, account details, or the payment cards. This helps them keep their organization and their customers safe from all sorts of cyberattacks specially security breaches and identity theft. Encryption has been declared as one of the essential features of every other mobile application testing company as well.

What is the Challenge?

We have already seen that encryption is helping every industry flourish and become the best version of itself with security at the top. However, it is not easy to maintain machinery applying encryption or keep it adapting with the changing trends. That is something the testing industry is still working on and we are hoping for better results to come.

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