What are the Amazon Web Services?

What are the Amazon Web Services?

If you need more space to store your data, or you need servers with faster response speed. You’ve probably heard of cloud storage and the services Amazon offers in its AWS ecosystem. From simple products for storing commonly used files, to special environments for fast database management, there is an ideal solution for your company.

If your company needs a safe place to store data, Amazon Web Services insurance has the ideal solution. AWS offers various cloud storage services that can be tailored to any need.

Storing data in the cloud is a simple and stable way to keep your information. Suppliers like Amazon invest in network-connected hardware and software to provide these types of services. Your company uses the space it needs through a web environment and Amazon is in charge of keeping your data safe.

Types of Basic Storage Services

Amazon’s products in this sector can be classified in various ways. The most basic would be to divide them into 2 large groups: storage solutions and movement of stored data. On the other hand, they can be classified according to the type of data they handle, what you want to do with them and how often you will use them.

They could also be separated between the products that need your full attention and those that Amazon fully manages. Finally there are those that only work as a complement to the AWS ecosystem and those that can be used alone. Some even allow you to work associated with your company’s facilities.

Most Basic Storage Service

The most basic Amazon Storage service is Amazon S3. The name comes from the initials of Simple Storage Service. The stored files can be read directly by other APIs. It works best to store the type of files normally found on any computer at the user level: documents, multimedia information, compressed files, etc. If you want to make your future as an AWS professional then AWS course in London would be the best choice for you. And always remember that the future is bright as an Amazon employee.

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