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Why Prefer To Hire Packers And Movers For Your Relocation?

Are you in a rush to relocate your home? If so, then hiring Movers and packers pune is the right choice. In a hectic lifestyle, people are finding it hard to relocate the home on their own, right? Moving from one place to another place is tiresome and so you need to put a proper plan to carry out the relocation process. When you are thinking to carry out the relocation on your own, then you need to plan properly, schedule time, pack items, and much more. Besides, you will never get any experience in handling heavyweight furniture, fragile items, and much more.

That is why; professional packers and movers are needed and help you to shift you and your belongings safely to a new destination. Since a moving company has a dedicated team and vast experience in the relevant field and so make your relocation hassle-free and stress-free. No matter what type of relocation it might be, but packers and movers are here that helps you to shift even difficult shifting process into simpler and easier. Have a brief look at the following article and know the significance of choosing packers and movers!

Why choose packers and movers?

With the help of the latest and advanced packing materials, professional movers help you to shift everything within a few hours. To book your appointment, you need to make a call, and experts will reach your home and analysis your home at first and come to know the things needed. Based on your non-movable things, experts offer estimation and fix a day to make the relocation process. Here comes the reason why one should choose packers and movers.

  • Well trained and dedicated team and friendly workers
  • Excellent customer service
  • Well-equipped and advanced technology
  • Weekend offers
  • No hidden cost
  • Insurance coverage
  • Affordable price
  • High-quality and speedy services
  • Right and advanced packing materials

Many people are thinking that hiring professional packers and movers are expensive and so they decide to do it on their own, right? If so, then it is ridiculous since hiring a moving company will help you to save time and money.

How great the service of packers and movers?

Yes, with the help of a huge range of packing materials, packers help you to pack your possessions with the utmost care. Some of the packing materials are wrapping boxes, tapes, partitions, unbound boxes, cardboard boxes, bubble covers, and many more. Packers help you to hold your belongings tightly inside the wrapping box and help you to protect your items while transporting your goods!!

Unless you don’t have strong guidance on your side, you can’t able to move your existing place on your own. Most of the services are affordable and perfectly fits your budget. Rather than hiring Movers and packers pune, it may cost high when you are doing the shifting on your own. Feel free to call the customer support number to book the service..! Choose the right type of moving services right now….!!

Housing: Understanding how the Home Loan EMI Calculator works

A home loan is the biggest loan an individual borrows. It is a high value loan. It often lasts for over two decades and keeps the borrower indebted until the principal loan amount and the interest is paid off in full. Since it is the biggest loan for most of you, it makes sense to consider your finances and affordability before a home loan is taken. You have to get used to the fact that a fixed portion of your income will go towards equated monthly installments or EMI payments for many, many years together.

In order to help you understand the nature of your EMIs, you can take help form a freely available online tool, known as the home loan EMI calculator. The calculator is typically available for free, unlimited usage on all lender websites. Let’s find out what a home loan EMI calculator is, how to calculate home loan EMI and the many benefits of using the home loan EMI calculator before you apply for a home loan.

What is a home loan EMI calculator?

A home loan EMI calculator is basically an online tool that can help a loan borrower compute the payable EMI amount against the home loan. There are three basic components of the home loan EMI calculator are as follows:

  1. The Principal amount field
  2. The loan tenure (in months) field and
  3. The interest rate field

The calculator helps the borrower understand how much  EMI he is to pay over a stipulated tenure at an interest rate determined on the basis of the loan amount and tenure. Most of the lender websites have this tool freely available. You can put in several permutations and combinations of tenures or interest rates to determine an affordable EMI. You can simply keep inputting different principal loan amounts (by adjusting your down payment), interest rates and tenures and keep a record of the payable EMIs based on these figures.

Home loan EMI calculation formula 

Your home loan EMI calculator works using the below formula

The EMI calculator uses the following formula:

EMI = [P x R x (1+R)^N]/[(1+R)^N-1]

As per the formula

EMI = equated monthly installment

P = principal loan amount i.e. amount borrowed as loan

= rate of interest (fixed or floating) levied on the home loan amount

= Repayment tenure or the number of installments to be paid on a in monthly basis

In the above;

Principal loan amount: The principal loan amount is the actual sum you wish to borrow. If you intend to purchase a home worth one crore, you must factor in your down payment amount and only input the borrowed amount. For instance, if the property value is one crore, and you can afford to pay 25% as down payment, then according to the home loan EMI calculator, the principal loan amount would be 75 lakhs. The lender will apply the interest rate to the 75 lakhs and the EMI amount is determined on the basis of the principal loan amount, interest rate and tenure.

Interest Rate: You are supposed to pay an interest rate on the loan amount sanctioned. Each lender offers a different interest rate and you can find the minimum interest rate offered by your chosen lender on their website. On the home loan EMI calculator, you must consider minimum the interest rate offered by your chosen lender and input the figures accordingly. Most lenders offer home loan  at an interest rate of 8.50% and above. Furthermore, the borrower can opt for a fixed or floating rate of interest as well.

Tenure: You must also input the loan tenure in months. Since home loans are high value loans, you can get them for tenures lasting anywhere between 15-20 years. However, keep in mind that a high tenured loan comes with high interest rates.

How does the home loan calculator work?

In order to calculate the monthly EMI on the home loan EMI calculator,  you can either input the figures or use the slider provided in the home loan EMI calculator to adjust the values for the principal loan amount, tenure and interest rate, depending upon the type of calculator available on the lender’s website. The slider can be moved easily from left to right, with the mouse and can be used to select the loan amount, tenure and interest rates. You can keep changing and adjusting the figures while the calculator computes instant and accurate EMI amounts in a matter of seconds.

Experience Living In The City Of Nawabs-Hyderabad

People who move to the Pearl City are introduced to its famous cuisine and culture along with ample opportunities in its sprawling IT and manufacturing sector. Over the last few decades, Hyderabad has become a hub for young talent, and its neighborhoods now buzz with constant activity, both professional and recreational.

The city of Nizams,Hyderabad has always known to be a luxurious city with a royal history waiting to be explored. However, people who move to Hyderabad for work or higher studies, find it difficult to find a place to live where one can have his/her own space. With the introduction of co-living in India, bachelors can now enjoy private space along with shared communal facilities. Gone are the days when deciding to live in Paying Guest in Hyderabad was a task to have second thoughts about. Nowadays, living in Paying Guest  in Hyderabad is the new way to live and we’ve found the best paying guest options for you to explore in Hyderabad:

  1. Manikonda,

Rent starting from 13000 per month
Locality: Financial District, Hyderabad
Available For: All (Men/Women)

If you’re living in Hyderabad, you’ve to live in style and this property is so big you’d feel like a Nizam too. Located in a highly secured Gated community in Financial district. Manikonda in Hyderabad is a place you can call home without a doubt. This co-living home is ideal for those working in or around ICICI towers, Microsoft, Amazon and Wipro circle. In this exquisite property single and double sharing options are available. In addition, you avail premium services such as meals on subscription, daily housekeeping, gym and swimming pool access. The rent includes shared facilities like washing machine, fridge, microwave, common lounge area, dining space and round the clock security.

2. Gachibowli

Rent starting from 7000 per month
Locality: KPHB, Hyderabad
Available For: Men

Equipped with homely facilities like dining table, beds, washing machine, fridge air-conditioning and sofa set, this property is ideal for people studying or working near Hi-tech city, Kukatpally, and KPHB. Other amenities include Wifi, TV with DTH, Lift, Power back up, housekeeping and CCTV. Non-AC variant is also available for people who are looking for a budget Paying Guest in Hyderabad.

  1. Madhapur,

Rent starting from 8000 per month
Locality: Madhapur
Available For: All (Men/Women)

Madhapur’s proximity to Hitech city and Whitefield makes it a very sought-after area for living in Hyderabad. The place has marble flooring and woodwork throughout the house. The rent is well within the budget of students as well. Included with the monthly rent are shared services and amenities such as fridge, washing machine, microwave, housekeeping, all day Wi-Fi and security. Food is also available on a subscription basis.

  1. Hitech City

Rent starting from 7300 per month
Locality: Gowlidoddy, Hyderabad
Available For: Men

This a cozy place with a budget that suits all. Not only the tenants would enjoy a comfortable life with luxurious amenities like TV, refrigerator, AC, washing machine, but also a dining area and a balcony that overlooks the colony. Perfect PG for people working in nearby areas like Financial District, Q-City and Gachibowli. This is one of  most affordable and most visited area, so make sure you make a visit soon!

The taking off the cost of houses in metropolitan urban cities like Hyderabad involves incredible concern, particularly for people who simply moved in from their home to satisfy their big goals. Consistently this can consume a major amount of money from their pocket. Then again, dwelling in a PG in Hyderabad might be increasingly practical yet it accompanies its own arrangement of difficulties. Living in paying guests in Hyderabad absolutely offers the best living course of action with prudent stays, community living that doesn’t settle on one’s privacy.

It is a transitioning living pattern that attentively takes into account the requirements of students and working professionals in the city. In Hyderabad, one of the significant IT center points in the nation, the interest for reasonable rentals is consistently at its pinnacle. In the event that you are hoping to settle down with similarly invested people in a zone of your decision, it is ideal to select co-living quarters. They are completely updated rooms with recreational options and premium facilities. One should look at the accompanying locations to make sure about the best Paying guest accommodations in Hyderabad.

All these mentioned areas are home to significant IT hotspots and business focuses. Thus, the inhabitants at the co-lounge rooms get the simplicity of transportation to their working environments.

Here is an overview of the multi-faceted living involvement with the Paying guests in Hyderabad:

  • Avoid Mundane Tasks:

These keen PG in Hyderabad apartments incorporate the arrangement for laundry service and housekeeping with the goal that your fundamental day to day errands are dealt with. This further reduces the expense of keeping house helps services, just like the situation when one lives on a leased floor.

  • Full-Access to Fitness Center:

The Paying guests in Hyderabad have an undeniable space to exercise and we as a whole know the significance of getting normal exercise particularly with the expanding number of work area bound employments.

  • Attempt Your Own Recipe:

Completely equipped well-furnished kitchen permits you to cook easily with the people of your choice.

  • Beneficial Recreation inside the Premise:

There are assigned spaces for indoor games, movies, local gatherings, and other such easygoing social affairs to revive your brain. The endeavor is to cause you to feel at home in any event, when you are miles from your family.

  • Bond with Like-Minded Millennial:

You can make the most of your solitude and furthermore trade intriguing discussions over some coffee.

Quick Guide To Use Nextdoor Local Business Advertising

Quick Guide To Use Nextdoor Local Business Advertising

Tips on Business Advertising

Keeping a small business afloat can be hard sometimes, especially if the company is new to the area. Being determined and innovative is a good start. How you can lose with good-ole fashioned determination and vigor.

Types of Advertising Strategies

Having lots of innovative ideas is perhaps one of the top traits that can help a business keep its doors opened. However, strategically implementing those creative ideas is even better.

A few ideas a business owner could implement are listed below:

  1. community charities
  2. online contests
  3. joining local groups
  4. loyalty programs

Donating to those in need always leaves us with a warm feeling on the inside. Most companies are aware of the positivity that surrounds giving. It brings out the best in people and in the community.

Choosing a cause or charity together as a company, then donating to it is a great idea. Make sure that it is a cause that everyone cares about, then decide on the perfect time to present the donation. Most charities have a calendar of town functions and charity parties.

Pick a night to attend, then invite the co-workers. It may be a formal function, or it could be a pool party. Typically, the charity will post the company and how much they gave. This is good exposure for the company and will undoubtedly get their name out there. Once people know the name of the company, they want to know what are its services, where are they located? Etc.

Another Nextdoor Local Business Advertising strategy is online contests. Online contests are known to send a little excitement and thrill to followers after all who would not want to win a free product or service.

The heightened online activity will start conversations about the business. This could catch the attention of audiences that have never heard of the company. The contest will need to consist of an activity that is simple and not that time-consuming.

It will need to be something surrounding the service of the company. Or something that has to do with the type of products that the company sells. An activity that is too complicated may not get the attention expected, so be sure to make it easy and a lot of fun.

Once a contestant has won, the company should make it worth his/her while. Make sure the prize is something worth having and make sure that a particular person can actually use the service/product. If not, allow them to exchange it for something they can use. Gaining the reputation of a company that does excellent online contests can go a long way.

A third Nextdoor Local Business Advertising strategy is joining a local Chamber of Commerce that can have its advantages. Newcomers to a town often visit the town’s Chamber of Commerce. It has information about the city when it comes to local museums, schools, businesses, and more.

The new business can leave business cards and coupons. Joining a local Chamber of Commerce will cost a small fee.

The fee is charged annually.

A new company should open its eyes to other local business opportunities also. Perhaps another business is having an opening day gathering and does not mind sharing the space. Maybe they need services that another small business can provide, in exchange for a little exposure.

A customer loyalty program always causes excitement! The more a customer spends, the more points they earn. Once so many points are collected, they can receive a free service or even a free points. Customers enjoy loyalty programs because it gives them something to look forward to on each visit.

There are lots of different ways a new local business can advertise. Spreading the word about a new small business may cost a money at first. Things like giving away coupons, prizes during contests, etc. are all investments, investments that well worth it.

How To Test When You Know An Issue Won’t Be Fixed

Once automated tests are successfully performed, they provide information to the testers. Automation provides information about the expected behavior of a system, leaving the interpretation of this information up to the testers to determine if it is a valid defect. How many times have you considered a test as flaky or rerun a test suite simply because it failed due to unexpected reasons? Automation did not find a defect, instead, it sent back the information that you used in your suite to determine the next action. So it means when a defect arises which will not be fixed, you accept that your team has determined the expected behavior of the system. This behavior may not be the result of the defect, but your system is not expected to do so.

Update Your QA Teams

 In order to ensure that the information your suite returns is meaningful and actionable, all it needs to have is a context. Testers can create context through Jira stories. In case your test does not fail for several months, it is a good sign. But are you sure you will be working on the same project? Will anyone know to ask you about this specific test? Such questions can be difficult to answer. Thus, begin by documenting all your tests. Defect tracking tools allow testers to record all details. If you are using custom failure messages, create something meaningful that other testers can understand too.

Never Abandon Your Tests

Designing tests to fail requires maintenance, which is one of the most popular methods of test curation. Since there are TODOs for testers, they should be visible to others working on automation or code-based at large. When testers work with a codebase that has multiple TODOs, they should check them regularly if they are still valid. One of the best ways to do this is to tag these tests or use the available tools built into your IDE.

Design your Tests to Fail

It is a method to ensure that applications are displaying expected behavior and reducing failure fatigue. Testers should start with the identification of behavior that they expect from an application or API and then categorize defects that a team won’t fix. Once all these are listed down, then consider the expected behavior and rewrite tests to pass on this behavior.  Document all these carefully so that team members coming after you will have the context about tests if they start failing. These tips can be useful in using tools to achieve the maximum from defect tracking efforts.

Always start by identifying the behavior that you expect from an application and then categorize the defects your team won’t fix. Once you have listed down all the defects that you can consider expected behavior, write down your tests to pass on this behavior. Make sure you use the right defect tracking tools for effective results.

What is Stopping You from Buying Your Own Home?

Buying your own home to live is a dream of almost every person living on this planet. An increase in market prices signifies the notion that the game has begun. The game is of striving and securing the best place for themselves. The upsurge in demands of residential properties like JLT property for sale advocates that the race of stability has been taken seriously by many of us. But still, there are some people who are vacillating on the matter of buying their own home. If we dig deeper, we can come up with some reasons behind this hesitation. In this article, you will be facilitated by some of the factors that are stopping you from buying your own home.

Having no money for down payment (Affordability)

Most people don’t go to buy their home because they have been cut short of enough money for their down payment. They want to own a home but do not have resources to do so. There are many ways to decipher this problem as you can alter your expensive habits with low-cost ones to save money for the down payment. For example, instead of taking a taxi to opt for public transport, instead of spending money on your food take homemade lunch to offices and schools, instead of paying more rent to a big apartment go for smaller ones to save money from. You can also make a visible saving plan to act accordingly. Make saving money fun to enjoy fruitful results. By doing so, you will have enough money to pay for the down payment.

Prefer renting

Many people find it expedient to rent a place rather than buying it because renting offers a great deal of flexibility in its nature. Renting allows more elasticity than buying a home as it is more convenient to move from place to another while renting. As, the job of some people demands mobility so, renting becomes a great choice for them. They prefer renting because it gives you another advantage as low maintenance. As it is the responsibility of your landlord to keep up with their property’s maintenance so it is not solely your headache to worry about repairs and other related matters. Many people also opt for renting because it is cheaper than buying a home. These are the reasons for the popularity of rental properties like JLT apartments for rent.

Do not want responsibilities

Buying a home comes with many responsibilities along with it which are viewed as a hassle and bothersome for many people. As only you are responsible for the maintenance of your home. Unexpected repairs and maintenance always seem to appear out of nowhere to cause you additional cost.

Find it complicated

Venturing out in the world of buying a home is a somewhat very complicated journey for many people. They have to deal with all the ads and odds of the procedure without having no knowledge and know-how of this trans world. They do not know where to start and where to go. They also feel dumbfounded about the mortgage and other related terminologies in the real estate industries.

Too much anxious

Another thing which is stopping many people from buying home is their anxiety. They cannot decide when to make the purchase. They always wait for the right time and miss most of the opportunities. As the real estate market is very unpredictable, you cannot envisage when will the market rates drop and you can make the purchase at a low price. So, anxiety can take away most of the good chances of you becoming the homeowner.

Author Bio:

Scott is a consultant and writer at Read Dive. Scott completed a creative writing course from Fordham University. He has written a lot of content in real estate, startups, and technology industry.

Detective Agency In South Delhi

Do you want info on someone? There is someone that you think is hiding something? There’s no better source than a detective site. What’s a detective website you may ask? It’s a detective agency in south Delhi that links you with all the information you need and wish to know. These links are all over the internet and would typically take you moments or even hours to obtain all this info in one place. These detective web sites give you anyplace from a classic address to military and criminal records. Their info is important and a little unnerving in my opinion. Since if you may get all this information on someone they may get it on you.

This source is definitely an important tool particularly in of this age of Myspace and Facebook along with other social networks sites. Initially these sites will offer you the old address of the Person of interest, but if you choose you want even more info then you certainly need to pay a little fee. This fee can be anyplace from. The information that you receive from this price is amazing. You will get the criminal records, union records, military records, court records, real estate records, the list goes on and on. This is just an example of the info that may be acquired on these Detective websites.

You may either use these so called detective websites or hire a private detective in south Delhi. Should you opt for the latter, it’ll probably cost you more. Should you opt for the investigator web sites then you’d have most of the info that you need close at hand, and efficiently cut out the middle man. Isn’t that what the internet is about? Exactly like other things on the web, there are so many junk detective websites out there.Detective agency in south Delhi are trained for quality work all over the world to provide the best result. One of the important factor to determine the work input and results of investigation are very crucial for every people. National detective agency is south Delhi is accompanied with lots of investigation process and only qualified best private investigator are assigned the task. Lot of people take services to investigate personal as well corporate investigation.

Although the comments and results will be backed by strong proofs like pictures, video recording etc, but nobody gets to know that we’re keeping an eye on him. Some major needs which are catered by us are: Social status of the individual and the family. Financial background and reputation at workplace. Love affairs- pervious and current ones if any. Nature and character. Criminal records and any other activity of such kind. Any other marriage. Employment details whether its a job or self owned business. Educational qualifications with complete background. Improper habits like drinking, smoking and drugs. Bearing in mind the intricacy of the matter, nothing is left open and all the activities are looked out with utmost care.

Best ways of generating leads without spending money or less money

Best ways of generating leads without spending money or less money

Lead Generation is one of the most important functions of a business. Without quality leads, there will be no sales and without sales, no business can survive. The amount that a business spends on acquiring new customers is much greater than retaining old customers. Therefore to compensate this issue one must know low cost and effective lead generation strategies.  Some of the best and easiest ways to generate leads without spending a fortune are below:

1 Using the existing database or the traffic

If one has great traffic to his or her website then they can implement real-time auto-chatbots to talk with the customers. But one must also be clear about the fact that this traffic must not be bounce traffic otherwise the strategies may not work. One can very easily bring to his or her website through various social media platforms.

2 Using upselling and cross-selling the product

If two business owners are having the same set of customers but non-competing products, then they can use their strategy to upsell and cross-sell their products with the same set of customers.  This may further lead to low-cost lead generation and high sales revenue. For instance, if we try to sell tea then we can also try to sell the cup to the same set of customers.

This is one of the best low-cost sales and marketing strategies that can not only help you to generate sales revenue but also quality leads for future purposes. This is usually because a business cannot survive in the absence of quality leads.

3 Offering your product and service for a trial

As a business owner or as a service provider one can very easily get high-quality leads by offering their product or service for trial purposes. Through this strategy, one can very easily get high quality and niche-oriented leads.

This can further help to decrease the cost for lead generation and improve the optimization strategy for the marketing campaigns.  Apart from these one must focus on getting the targeted customers who have a genuine need for the product.

4 By bringing attractive offers to the customers

Customers love to get great products at amazing prices. Therefore as a business owner, one needs to offer its product at great prizes to capture the market in a better manner. But one must keep in mind the fact that this strategy must not be at the cost of heavy losses.

One should know how to open the sales season and low-cost marketing strategies to attract potential customers. In this way, one can not only get the sales revenue but can also get some high quality leads for future business.

5 Word of the mouth marketing

Word of the mouth marketing strategy is one of the oldest strategies to brand your business employing people and to generate the leads very effectively. One can very easily get the lead just by talking to customers face to face.

This strategy will not only help you to reduce the cost but will also help you with organic brand building.

6 Inbound marketing strategies

Inbound marketing is one of the best strategies to attract potential customers using engaging and delightful content. One can very easily optimize their content using strong SEO friendly keywords. This particular strategy will not help you to improve the website ranking but also to produce an organic reach.

7 Reviews

To attract one’s fellow audience and targeted customers one must have high-quality reviews both in social media and search platforms. One should, therefore, know how to create video testimonials and generate high-quality reviews about your product or service. Nowadays customers read about Google reviews before making any purchase decisions.

So basically to get effective leads from low-cost marketing strategies one can adopt any of the above strategies. If the database of the leads is good then the efficiency of the salespersons or the business development executives may increase automatically resulting in more sales and more profits.

Author Bio

Fehmeez is fueled by his passion, maverick with a mind of his own; he comes up with novel ways to provide the best possible outcome.

An enthusiastic Person, with highly motivated and leadership skills having a Master’s in business administration in Marketing and International Business.

His Hunger, to learn new things and methodologies makes him unique, currently working as Digital Marketing Analyst for KAP Enterprises major brands like Kapsystem, Best Call CenterArishna Digital Communication, and Arishna DataCommunication and does content

9 Things you Must Know Before Investing in Corporate Fixed Deposit

Corporate fixed deposits are offered by public or private sector companies, which may or may not be a financial institution. Hence, these are also known as company FDs. Corporate FDs are not only offered by lending institutions but also by different public sector housing and transport departments.

On the other hand, standard fixed deposits are only provided by commercial and cooperative financial institutions.

Corporate FD rates are comparatively higher than those offered by commercial and cooperative lenders. Hence, these provide more lucrative investment opportunities, especially to senior citizens.

Few of features you must know about corporate FDs are mentioned below –

  • Regulations governing FDs

Corporate fixed deposits are provided under Section 58A of the Companies Act, 1956. As per this Act, the company will offer more priority to its shareholders rather than its fixed deposit customers when facing bankruptcy or insolvency.

However, several NBFCs offer FDs that are backed with ratings from top credit companies to assure customers of their safety and security. For example, Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit bear FAAA rating from CRISIL and MAAA rating from ICRA.

  • Premature withdrawal

Corporate fixed deposits provide no interest if the invested amount is withdrawn before a specific period, which usually ranges between 3 to 6 months.

Withdrawing the amount before the fixed deposit maturity period can attract a penalty fee ranging between 0.5% and 1%.

  • Rate of interest

Corporate FD rates can be more than 2% higher than standard fixed deposits. Senior citizens are also eligible to receive 0.35% more interest than other customers. Hence, company FDs are one of the ways to make money after retirement.

  • Premature withdrawal

Corporate fixed deposits provide no interest if the invested amount is withdrawn before a specific period, which ranges between 3 to 6 months.

Withdrawing the amount before the fixed deposit matures can attract a penalty fee ranging between 0.5% and 1%.

  • Lock-in period

Corporate FDs usually have shorter lock-in periods compared to conventional fixed deposits. Usually, tenors of these FD stretch up to 5 years. Longer lock-in periods will offer higher corporate FD rates.

However, investors can opt for auto-renewal and reinvest the return for the original period without submitting any paperwork.

  • Income tax deduction

Commercial and cooperative financial institutions will deduct TDS on fixed deposits if the interest earned is more than Rs.40,000 in a financial year (as per Budget 2019).

In case of corporate fixed deposits, interest of more than Rs.5,000 will attract TDS at 10% only if the account holder’s income falls under a taxable slab. Investors not earning taxable income can file Form 15G (Form 15H for senior citizens) to avoid TDS.

Investing in a 5-year tax-saver fixed deposit will enable investors to save on income tax under Section 80C.

  • Interest payment frequency

Investors can opt for a non-cumulative fixed deposit, which offers interest pay-out monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly. These types of FDs are beneficial for investors seeking regular income; for example, senior citizens.

On the other hand, cumulative FDs offer returns only after maturity. Usually, the corporate FD rates are slightly higher with cumulative FDs in comparison with non-cumulative ones.

  • Loans against fixed deposit

Similar to standard FDs, corporate fixed deposits also offer loans against the invested amount. Generally, companies offer a discounted sum of the invested sum, which can be 75% in the case of cumulative FD and 60% for non-cumulative FDs.

Companies offer repayments tenors ranging from 90 days up to the maturity of the FD with such financial products. Borrowers also don’t have to pay any extra charges when foreclosing or part-prepaying the loan.

  • Insurance coverage

All fixed deposits offered by commercial and cooperative financial institutions are insured up to Rs.1 lakh by the DGIC. However, corporate fixed deposits are not insured by any agencies. Hence, it is recommended to opt for a company that has goodwill and significant market performance.

Corporate fixed deposits are one of the ideal short-term investment options. Investors can use an FD return calculator to evaluate their earnings before investing and create their budget accordingly.

Author Bio:
Gaurav Khanna is an experienced financial advisor, digital marketer, and writer who is well known for his ability to predict market trends. Check out his blog at HighlightStory


What Are The Needs Of Using Online Cake Over Other?

Are you searching for the best cake for the celebration? Then prefer online cake. Usually, the cake is one of the delicious and plentiful food items that are attracted by many people. This cake comes under some particular types such as plum cake, chocolate cake, pastry, cheesecake and many more. That’s why cake gets a peak rated position among the people worldwide.

Otherwise, without using cake, the celebration is nothing because the cake cutting in the event is most memorable for all. So for that purpose, people regard as highly for purchase cake online. You have to choose to send cakes to Ludhiana at anytime that based on your needs. It is one of the reasons for people using this online service ever. Cakes are serves on all kinds of occasions, events, birthday, parties, etc. therefore, the needs of the online cake are enhanced.

Why using online cake?

Today people need varieties of cakes with a whole different range of flavors, so this you never find in retail stores. But this is always fulfilled your needs when you choose an online store. Using online cake, you can enjoy the quality cakes at a cheaper rate. Usually, to get the benefits, you have to hire online cake only. Then if you choose to send cakes to Ludhiana, it is the perfect choice for making your loved one happy.

These are most reliable so that you can get satisfaction and fulfillment quickly. Online cake order is one of the most comfortable ways to purchase your favorite cakes. It is because of this online store you can get plenty of collections of different prices. Therefore you can buy the cakes as per your wish only from online. When compared to this, both online and offline cake, using online is best for customers.

This unique online cake helps to reduce the effort and saves time and money as well. Once you prefer this online cake, then surely you can get a better experience with it. With the help of an online cake order, you can get lots of benefits.

What are the benefits of using online cake?

  • Speed delivery- this is the most wanted one. These are some of the reasons for using this online cake. With the right time, you can get your ordered cake.
  • Plenty of choices- As well, this is available at varieties of collection.
  • Doorstep service-Using online cake, you can get your ordered cake at your door.
  • Booking options-suppose if you think you forget your loved one particular day, then this booking option helps you majorly.
  • Friendly customer service- all the people like this warm service, right? So with this online cake, you can get friendly customer service.
  • Midnight cake delivery-among all choices of delivery option, using this delivery service are preferable. Surprise your loved one at midnight is a memorable moment for everyone, so this service helps to fulfill your needs quickly.
  • Custom cake service-this service you can get only from an online store.